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Are you facing a personal, financial, business or career opportunity or challenge or wanting to create a more meaningful life as a change-maker in our world which so needs positive change? Do you want more free time and freedom to focus on who and what is most important to you? Or if you don’t know what you want and just need to talk things out with a neutral confidante, then coaching may be ideal for you.

Financial Freedom Coaching 

If you feel worried wondering where your money goes each month or frustrated trying to reduce debt or overwhelmed trying to create a budget with so many uncertainties, know it doesn’t have to be that way! As a Ramsey Financial Coach, I can help you achieve your financial goals by providing resources and tools and support you through every step to create a budget, become debt free, build wealth, enjoy financial peace and create a legacy they can be proud of. Contact me today to schedule a complimentary discovery session to get you started!  

Life Improvement, Career and Business Coaching

Pause and stretch your imagination for a moment. What does your ideal life look like? Does it include meaningful purposeful work that makes that positive difference, that change you want to see in the world? What kind of world do you want to live in and how can you contribute? What legacy do you want to leave for those you love and care most about? Do you want an awesome career and relationships that feed your soul? A way to get off the treadmill to start living each day filled with joy, adventure, opportunity, fulfillment and meaningful cooperation?


Maybe you haven’t a clue and are tired of it all swirling in your mind.. and just want to talk it all out with someone who will really hear and understand you and help you clarify your vision and design a plan that will have you pursuing and realizing those dreams you hold in your heart. Most of us have desires and passions deep down inside that could light up our lives. When you can’t seem to get it happening on your own, a coach can accelerate your living that life of passion and purpose today.


“Where do you see yourself in five or 10+ years?” It’s one of those questions job-seekers dread during an interview, but it can be daunting on a personal level as well. Amid all your responsibilities, activities and projects, it can be hard to see the big picture, easy to become overwhelmed and feel you’re lacking direction. If any of this rings true for you, give me a call or send an email to set up a free intro consultation to discuss how best to get you where you really want to and can be.

If you’re facing a significant change or decision in your personal life, career or business; or questioning your vision, purpose, plans or next steps in life: As a Certified Life Improvement Coach, Certified Business, Executive Leadership and Career Coach, I can provide you private 1-1 sessions, group coaching and membership into select Mastermind groups.

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you,

than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” Bob Proctor

Client Success

How grateful I am for the coaching session we had. It was quite powerful and definitely made a difference. You are a wonderful coach and the combination of your cool head and warm heart is balm for any confused soul. You have a knack for sticking to what is basic and important and yet allowing me to decide what is right for me.  It's all good and a work in progress. Thanks to you I have a solid base to work from. It's easy. - Jan S. 

Upon suddenly being laid off, I was fortunate to receive coaching from Kristin. Due to her guidance and support, I was able to move through the crisis phase in to the new job search through landing my ideal executive position. Kristin has the knowledge, finesse and empathy necessary to truly assist a client in a time of crisis.  She's a natural coach and brilliant consultant. She has the unique ability to truly listen, then asses the situation. She fully grasped my needs, and then applied the perfect data, resources, advice, and plan to completely move me from crisis to success. - JN

KT is my trusted confidante and stability point through any ‘perfect storm' in my business and in my personal life. Everyone benefits. - CEO San Francisco 

Kristin is a true visionary in the highest sense of the word. She is a consummate collaborator, commanding public speaker, teacher, trainer and inspiring coach whose reputation is renowned here in the US and abroad. KT is also an admirable parent, a great manager of people, assets and resources, a detailed-oriented projects manager and a generous compassionate humanitarian at heart. - HR Director, St Petersburg, FL

KT: Thanks so much for our profound conversation, a lynch pin in my existence. I've a new grip on life. You put your finger on exactly the right spot and stabilized me by giving me the exact right indications to totally understand to where I've arrived in my personal and professional evolution; plus it gave me the precise stable position from which to operate from a new level, successfully and with great meaning and contribution to the world. - Business Owner, Menlo Park CA

Unlike any other consultant or coach I've known, Kristin has a rare ability to get to the heart of the matter, by encouraging me to step back, and take an objective look at what was really troubling me … and my business. I finally was able to focus and make significant changes inside and around me that I'd been unable to do over a very long time. This freed me up tremendously at work, with the result that my teams almost doubled their production... and my family is a whole lot happier, too! The added bonus is that I am now able to help others significantly in ways I could not before. - Executive Director, San Francisco

Life is only getting better day by day. I'm climbing out of all the darkness that I was once happy living in. Sunshine is on my shoulder lately.. even on rain-filled days. I'm feeling sunny rays and I relate it all to your encouragement. Thanks for being a friend to me when I didn't even know I needed one. - Lawyer, Detroit MI

What an awesome coach and mentor you are... I can't thank you enough! I'd like to have my clients feel so freed up and energized. Thanks for getting me back on track - back on my purpose to empower and encourage entrepreneurs through coaching! - Executive Coach, NYC

Writer's block vanished. Before our call, I had given up on my writing, my photography and other talents and relationships I abandoned and let atrophy over the years. You got me to see what I am capable of and what I have to do next to achieve success in this field. Having the right resources and this awesome Plan (and you to call if I falter!) revived my confidence and started the creative juices flowing again. I'm on a roll! - Author, Los Angeles

KT: Thanks for listening and for your great assignments to help me unravel my life. Finding out myself what I really wantto be and do and have (vs what I think others expect of me) is quite an exploration.. and I like who and what I'm discovering! - Recent college grad

Thank you, Kristin, for our inspiring session last night and your follow-up care call today. I feel greatly encouraged and empowered now having a prioritized plan to launch my own business, rather than settling for some ol' job.  Today I got 3 items done! I value your insight and guidance and how together we are making this dream into a reality :) - Business coach, Portland, OR