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Now that you have your Professional Coach Certificate (Congratulations!) and you want a meaningful, prosperous coaching practice, what’s next for you to do?

Take one of our courses or join one of our coaching mastery groups which will inspire and enable you to build a strong business foundation and implement effective growth strategies so you can experience the fulfillment and joy of coaching and ensure your continual expansion, prosperity and meaningful contribution to the world.

Many newly certified coaches come to us full of hope and ideas but have concerns and questions about how to start or grow a business. “Now that I’m certified, what do I do next?”, “How do I find my purpose and niche?”, “I know how to coach a client, but haven’t a clue how to get one to coach!” and “The very thought of ‘business building’ scares me away… what simple steps can I take to set up my business so I can focus on and enjoy coaching my ideal clients?” These questions and more are answered on this course.

Steve Mitten, MCC, world renowned mentor coach, advises that three realms of mastery are essential to growing a coaching business: mastering business skills, mastering coaching competencies and mastering oneself by improving how we approach every aspect of our lives. These essential elements are covered on this course.

Coaching experts advise that it’s vital to 1) learn business building basics and work on each consistently, and 2) have your own mentor coach or group for the clarity, confidence building, motivation and support we need, which we provide to you in this course.

As we invest our time and resources to create businesses that express our unique talents and gifts to help humanity, let’s heed the expert advice to learn 1) the entrepreneur mindset and responsibilities, 2) how to have plenty of qualified clients and other income sources, 3) what’s going on in the world that speaks to our interests and passions to choose where our personality, talents, and purposes best fit in, and 4) how to keep improving our business, our clients and ourselves.

To keep your business growing and avoid the pitfalls, it’s important to know what causes both the rise and the downfall of start-up businesses. The Small Business Administration reports that 80% of small business start-ups do not survive the first year; and about half of the remaining 20% survive less than five years. What a disappointment and loss for those aspiring and talented coaches (and everyone counting on them) who give up and lose a whole lot more than their hopes and dreams.

For you to be well prepared and qualified to build your ideal coaching business, our course contains some of the best tools, procedures, knowledge, great works and wisdom of many masters in coaching, in business and in life-improvement. A few books we reference are Steve Mitten’s ‘Marketing Essentials For Coaches’, Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ and ‘The Prosperous Coach’ by Litvin and Chandler, which provide practical tools for a successful stress-free coaching practice. We also review the Ethics Guidelines and Core Competencies of the International Coach Federation which at this time sets the global standards for our profession. This is a 16 module self-paced course with email access to your own master coach to help you along as needed.

Course Chapters Overview

Course Purpose and Preparation

About Your Hopes and Dreams 

About Your Strengths and Opportunities (your SWOT analysis)

Step 1: Build a Strong Foundation for Success 

What it takes to be an entrepreneur

Your business start-up checklist

Organizing your business

Step 1A: Create Your Business Plan

Step 1B: Create Your Financial Plan

Step 1C: Measure Your Results 

Step 2: Clarify Your Vision, Values and Mission

Making that difference or change in the world

Step 3: Identify Your Target Audience and Niche 

Your prime target audience 

Crafting your niche

Perfecting your ‘elevator introduction’ 

Step 4: Promote Your Services and Offers 

Attracting your ideal prospects

Inviting your audience to a free session  

Interacting with increased awareness

Improving and restoring mutual understanding 

Step 5: Convert Your Prospects to Paying Clients

Delivering a sample session

Making the sale and on-boarding your client

Retaining your existing clients

Step 6: Connect with and Coach Your New Clients

Preparing for your sessions

Listening to your clients 

Questioning your clients 

Step 7: Set and Achieve SMART Goals

Articulating clear goals and objectives 

Step 8: Empower Yourself and Others 

Optimizing your time wisely

Managing self-doubts and fears

Completion and Commencement

Recommended Reading, Resources and more

“To every person there comes a time in their life, that special moment when you’re figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a special thing, unique to you and your talents. 
What a tragedy if that moment finds you unprepared or unqualified for that work which could have been your finest hour.” 

Winston Churchill

Let us help you get prepared to set up, launch and grow your business!

Success Stories

“The best way to predict your future is to create it!” Peter Drucker 

Start your course today so you too can reap the benefits other coaches now enjoy

“Because of this course, I know my niche, am making more money, my office is set up so I can more easily handle my increased workload. I just signed up my 6th client, the goal I set for our 12 weeks together. My knowledge, competence and confidence increased. All new coaches should take this course.” NB

“This course helped me have a growing coaching business with ideal paying clients. The information, tools and resources for setting up a coaching business were exactly what I needed. I highly recommend this training to all new coaches. It’s the perfect next step for your coaching ability and business growth.” FJ

“I was at a standstill with my coaching practice. I needed help to move forward. The information, insight and resources are priceless. I wouldn’t know where to begin to find all of those. I have my website, business cards, much more confidence in my knowledge and abilities as a coach, but most important – I learned a great deal about myself and now I know I really am a good coach! Thank You!” SK

“I took this course for more understanding, clarity, direction and confidence in who I am and what to say to people about being a life coach, all which I gained. My self-doubt is gone. I have order in my business and personal life. I’ve set up my office to be ready for new clients. I now know how to do a sample session to enroll a client. I have a strong foundation and found my own voice and know what I have to offer the world! I got my cards, website up and my first paying clients. Every new coach should take this course for the opportunity to grow and move forward being successful in everything you do. My biggest take-away is realizing we no longer have to be limited by our past. Every moment we have the freedom to choose our responses. This inspired me to face the biggest barrier in my entire life.. a true break-through which has changed my whole perspective of life.” GD

“I took this 8 Step course because I wasn’t comfortable or confident to take off running on my own as a coach. I’ve always believed in continuing education and this was my chance. Now I understand and am so ready to take on the role of leadership as a Coach. My confidence has taken giant steps. I’ve gained listening powers not only in coaching but in my everyday life, really hearing and understanding people better. I’m not so quick to interject my own opinions. What I enjoyed most about this course was how to cause a win-win for everyone, me included. I would absolutely recommend this course to new coaches who want more confidence in talking to people and to figure out their niche or how it’s ok to proceed without one, taking the pressure off!” LL

“I’ve made great progress this week due to the information and resources you shared, like: Website up. I have my first paying client. I’ve gained unbelievable progress in time management and organization, relieving all the stress and chaos. I’m finally in control with a clear vision and goals, a real business plan and am actually checking off the steps of the coaching business start-up checklist!” ST

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