What you can expect from coaching

“Every person has four endowments: 
Self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom: the power to choose, to respond, to change.” 
Dr. Stephen Covey

Coaching is a proactive approach for capable people to live the present fully and create their ideal future. When freed up and focused on our most important activities and goals, we get the right things done and make a positive difference in our environment and the world at large. 

“Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realize

how close they were to success when they gave up.” Albert Einstein

The purpose of a coaching conversation is to create a safe, supportive environment where clients can explore and uncover what they may not have conscious access to about themselves, their work, or some other aspect of their lives. Usually, there is a gap between where the client is now and where s/he desires to be. The coach plays an important role in creating the conditions for awareness to emerge, so the client can close that gap and move toward their desired outcome.

Having your own personal coach to get you fully prepared and following a winning game plan, as do great athletes and performers, accelerates your progress. Your coach is your advocate, reinforcer, confidante and neutral partner providing the safe space, confidentiality, understanding and encouragement you may need, but cannot find anywhere else, to deal with the challenges in your life. A personal coach provides that so needed moment in time in which a busy person can pause, think out loud, discuss options, make conscious decisions and then have an action plan to follow to bring about the needed changes in their lives they may not cause without the support and encouragement from their coach.  

Coaching provides a safe place and time that is all about you, to freely express and discuss your thoughts, fears, problems and possibilities, to clarify your goals, desires, aspirations, your strengths, passions and circumstances, removing self-limiting beliefs, making way for new solutions. Coaching is about “Now what? What’s next? How can I move forward in the direction of my dreams?” A great coach provides you a neutral environment in which  you can discover what you truly want, discover how you can be more effective, successful and increasingly satisfied in the roles you play in each part of your life.

“The minute you begin to do what you want to do, it’s really a different kind of life.”  Buckminster Fuller

A professional coach can help you 1) identify what you really want to be and do and have in life or your business, 2) design action plans and remove barriers so you can reach those goals and beyond, and 3) ensure you get those things done. Your coach ensures you’re flourishing and prospering and having a great time doing so.

In short, coaches are professionally trained experts in the art of making life changes. Using tools like values inventories, discovery exercises, personality assessments, support structures and action planning, coaches help you focus on the essentials, what’s most important to you, and make sure you get it done. To make lasting major changes in your life, there’s nothing quite like having a change expert coach in your corner.

Coaches have conversations with you that you can’t have with anyone else. They help people like you smoothly navigate difficult transitions, set goals and priorities, make important changes, eliminate stress, create action plans, get you back on track eager to go and more.

Like accomplished actors and athletes, people who work with an experienced qualified coach find they reach higher and accomplish way more than they could on their own.

"People are looking to coaches as sounding boards and motivators

who can offer a fresh perspective on career and life problems

but without the conflicting agendas of a spouse, family member or even a mentor"
Fortune Magazine