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As an experienced business owner, leadership consultant and executive coach, Kristin has helped corporate and government leaders around the world make rapid breakthroughs in their businesses, personal lives and careers so that they, and those they influence, can flourish, prosper, live happy meaningful lives and achieve their most important goals.  

Kristin has extensive business and life-changing experiences, including being co-owner/COO of a nationwide commercial real estate investment company which expanded to 140 offices in 21 states in which she trained and coached rising staff to become effective executives, many who transitioned into owning their own successful businesses.

Master Business, Executive, Career and Life Coach and Master Coach Trainer*

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Since 1990, upon the fall of the Berlin Wall, Kristin has pioneered global humanitarian activities, building a bridge of friendship and cooperation between America and the former Soviet countries. As an ambassador of goodwill, consultant, strategist and resource facilitator, Kristin helped US and foreign leaders forge long-lasting collaborative relationships that have advanced business, health, education, social betterment and world peace. She’s hosted foreign military, police, medical, business, cultural and student delegations to the USA, mentored foreign entrepreneurs abroad and by bringing some in to apprentice at her company, all who continue to be successful in their spheres of influence. Kristin has run projects for the United Nations, has been a member of the Republican Senate Trust, Board Member of the UN Earth Society, Help the Children Foundation and the Znanie International Humanitarian Society in Russia. She’s a passionate advocate for endangered species and the UN Declaration of Human Rights, a patron of the arts, education, environmental and social reform projects around the world.

Wanting to share all she’s learned from the great people she’s been blessed to work with and from her business and life challenges and adventures, Kristin became a Professional Master Coach* to help decision makers break through their personal or business challenges and a Master Coach Trainer* to prepare aspiring Coaches for certification and mentoring them as they grow their private practices. Coaching is being someone’s personal confidante, guide and support as they move forward in life reclaiming their own viewpoint, direction, abilities, knowledge, responsibility, power and freedom of choice to live their lives to their highest potential and aspirations.. and have the freedom and increasing means to make their unique contributions to our world becoming a better and safer place for us all to thrive in.

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*KT’s professional training and credentials since 2004:
Certified Ramsey Financial Coach

Coach Training Alliance: Professional Certified Coach, Certified Career Coach

Coachville: Certified Group Leadership Coach

Executive Coaching University: Certified Executive Coach

Business Coach Academy: Certified Business Coach

Fowler Coaching Academy: Certified Professional Coach, Master Business Coach,
Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Master Coach Trainer

International Coach Federation: Member/ACC Credential